100 Heroes lift a double-decker bus to free cyclist

Passers-by rush to help man as two female riders die.

• By Mustafa Karov

Londoners showed their true colours when 100 passers-by ran to lift the double-decker bus off a badly hurt cyclist.

Videos of the astonishing scenes emerged online as police confirmed that two female cyclists were killed by separate collisions in the area on the same day.

Approximately 100 passers-by raced to the assistance of the male unicyclist when he collided with the 212 bus in Walthamstow town centre at 18:00. In the footage the 12 ton London route master can clearly be seen to sway and move under the force of the crowd, which included the passengers from the bus and diners from nearby restaurants, as they fought to pull the man free.

One onlooker described the ordeal:

“No one hesitated to push the bus off. Every-one really came together to help in the face of something so awful.”

Local cafe owner Sami Ullah said he was “amazed” that the group was able to lift the bus after the crash. She said the collision sounded “like a shotgun going off” adding, “Suddenly we saw people leaving their chairs at the restaurant and running towards the road. We saw people coming out of the bus as well. Everybody was shouting and screaming. Then all of the people tried to somehow move the bus a little bit.”

The cyclist, in his twenties, was rushed to hospital where his condition was last described as serious. The unicycle could be seen under the Chingford-bound bus, which had been turning right at the hectic Hoe Street/Church Hill junction.

“I cradled cyclist as medic fought to save her”

In a day of carnage on the roads of the capital a female, 32, died of her injuries after being crushed by a turning lorry in Denmark Hill during the morning rush hour. She became the sixth cyclist to die in London this year so far, five of them women and all involving HGVs.


On the same fateful day, another female cyclist in her fifties was killed in a multiple vehicle crash at Walton-on-Thames. A van driver was cut free and taken to St George’s Hospital Tooting with injuries believed to be very serious. He was placed under arrest whilst in hospital on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. Scotland Yard confirmed that the Denmark Hill cyclist failed to survive her injuries after being rushed to nearby King’s College Hospital.

Local witness described:

“I saw it all. It’s haunting me. The van driver swerved off, smashed into the truck, spun away and hit the car. I held the woman’s head in my arms as a paramedic worked on her. She way dying. It was horrible.”

Police have appealed for witnesses to both of the crashes which proved to be fatal to come forwards.



Warning! The following footage may be upsetting. Viewers’ discretion advised.