27 y/o “Superman” Stefano Shamaldin Ćulibrk to take the helm as CEO of multinational law firm

Revolutionary Global Law
  • By Aneesa Ibrahim

27 year old “Superman” to take the helm as Chief Executive Officer of prestigious global law firm; CA-LAW

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CA-Law (CA-LAW.org) broke all the molds in 2009 when it became the world’s first law firm with total global jurisdiction. The ground breaking achievement was achieved thanks to the revolutionary vision of a young 21 year old trainee lawyer and entrepreneur, Stefano Shamaldin Ćulibrk’ of London. (StefanoShamaldinCulibrk.theinternational.org.uk)


Ćulibrk’ came to notoriety following several high profile legal cases he took against several governments, notably the UK government at the international courts for corruption, war crimes and breaches of international laws.


Ćulibrk”s war against corruption, dodgy police and bad governments almost resulted in his death a few years ago following years of false accusations, kidnap, torture and abuse. Ćulibrk published several books recounting his experiences, the majority of which were immediately banned in the UK.


Today Ćulibrk’ becomes the world’s youngest CEO of a multinational law firm. Moving the firms head quarters from California USA to his home town of London UK and renaming the initial C in the company name to now represent Ćulibrk, Ćulibrk has firmly stamped his mark on the legal and political world, globally.


Dubbed by the European courts’ admin staff as “Superman” Ćulibrk’ has time and time again refused to be silenced, oppressed or broken.


The legal and political worlds are now watching to see what this superman’s next move will be.

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