Heroes lift a hackney cab to save trapped woman’s life

Footage captured from neighbouring office blocks.

Footage captured from neighbouring office blocks.

  • By Sebastian Lynch

London, a crowded city of loneliness, more people than a lot of countries crowed into one city, always somewhere to be, always rushing, never any time for other people.. or so we are all too often told.

Already this year we have seen the story of Londoners lifting a double-decker bus to safe a live, and now we’re at it again. There is something about this city that makes people pull together in a bad situation.

When a woman left her office on King William Street in The City to get herself a salad for lunch, she was dragged under the wheels of a hackney cab. Laura Fares, 37 from Finsbury Park, a near by witness explained: “I saw this woman under the cab and I couldn’t quite believe it. At that point, nobody was doing anything. Something inside me kicked in and suddenly I just started shouting at people to help. I started screaming ‘Help or she’s going to die’. I started shouting at men passing by, screaming ‘You’re a man, we need you.’ All these bankers and City workers then just started dropping their briefcases and running over.”

Ms Fares, who runs the Aztec music label, added: “We all started lifting the cab and I could see her legs underneath. Her face was turning blue and she was just blinking. A builder who was helping started joking with her to keep her spirits up.”

Tiaan Trahms, who captured the incident on his phone from his office above, said he had raced to the window after hearing a woman screaming outside. “When I looked out I saw this woman under the cab, her body was twisted to one side. Her salad was strewn all over the ground nearby. One guy ran into the cab to release the hand-brake and everybody else worked together to lift the cab off the ground. It all happened so quickly. The cab was rolled off her and her work colleague was stroking her hair and talking to her. There were also two paramedics there who were talking to her and she was moving her legs and responding.” 

Mr Trahms added: “To see this in the heart of London, especially in The City, where people are always so busy rushing around, was one of the most amasing things I’ve ever seen. It was quite a moment.”

The cab had both it’s front and rear driver’s side wheels lifted clear off the ground before being rolled back and away from the trapped woman. The London Ambulance Service said that a motorcycle responder ad members of the air ambulance, who arrived by car, were the first on the scene.

The City of London Police and medical teams confirmed that a woman in her forties was discharged after suffering soft tissue, pelvic and leg injuries. There have been no arrests.




Warning, this video contains strong language and may be distressing for some viewers.