Miami beach gets free sunscreen dispensers



  • By Jasmine Dawber

Up to 3 million skin cancer tumours are identified globally every year. This number is only predicted to continue to rise annually as the atmosphere’s protective ozone layer is broken down, which allows more harmful UV rays to reach us on the Earth’s surface. As a global average we are also spending more time with our skin exposed directly to the sun also.

One way we can reduce our risk of skin cancer is to use UV blocking sun screens. In sun drenched Miami on the USA’s Caribbean coast, the city has taken steps to make sure that people can access this protection when they are out and about in the city.


A quite frankly incredible number of Florida adult residents report that they are not aware of sunscreen, the authorities in the city of Miami are hoping that the SFP 30 dispensers will help to create a culture of using sun protection.

UV is broken up in to three categories; A, B and C. UV-C is mostly filtered out by the Earth’s atmosphere, UV-A and UV-B however makes it down to the surface in large enough quantities to cause damage to human skin.

Whilst sunscreen is an effective protection against UV, the most effective protection is still the most readily available; clothing. Covering up is the most effective way of protecting the skin cells’ DNA from UV damage which leads to skin cancer.