Neo-Nazi rise in Britain and Germany as London sees 70% rise in anti-islamic hate crime in just 12 months.

Muslim female police officer Jayne Kemp proudly wears her hijab on duty

Muslim female police officer Jayne Kemp proudly wears her hijab on duty

  • By Afsana Bilal

The Metropolitan police have confirmed that in the last 12 months they have seen a 70% rise in serious anti-islamic hate crime, often violent and degrading and often targeting lone defenseless Muslim women.

Whilst Westminster saw the largest number of crimes reported Merton in south west London saw a disgraceful 262% rise in the cowardly and fascist crimes.

Fiyaz Mughal, from Tell Mama, an organisation that monitors Islamophobic incidents, said about 60% of victims were women who wear a headscarf or hijab. Mughal continued to explain: 

     “We also realised quite early on that women who wear niqab, the face veil, suffered more aggressive incidents – there was something about the face veil that in a way brought out the worst in the perpetrator.”

In a stunning statement one Met spokesman tried to down play the crimes by attributing the rise in crime to Muslims simply reporting the crimes more and the police becoming better at identifying the perpetrators.

The Metropolitan have created a 900 strong special operations force specially to combat this type of fascist radicalization, whilst urging witnesses and victims to report the crimes as soon as possible.

Whilst the rise of far right extremists in Europe is not a new phenomenon with the rise of the ultra radical Right Sector  in Ukraine and the EDL in Britain, but the problem is spreading fast. Last week saw groups openly supporting WW2 Nazi groups attacking refugees in Germany with multiple cases of suspected arson at refugee camps under investigation by German police. We also witnessed horrific scenes in Hungary when far right radicals launched fireworks, smoke bombs and bottles at stranded refugees in a Budapest train station.

But perhaps most worryingly of all we saw an entire nation, under the bewildering rule of the Slovakian government refuse to accept refugees who were Muslim, stating that the country would only accept Christian refugees.

What ever your faith, colour or ethnicity, surly we can understand that in one of Europe’s most affluent, diverse and largest cities (London) where people live side by side in harmony with neighbours from all around the world. Where all bias is left behind when we, our parents, grandparents or great grandparents moved to the city from abroad or other UK cities to work hard for a better, peaceful life. Surely here of all places we can understand that acts of violence, abuse, and hatred to anyone, not just the defenseless women these cowards are attacking is unacceptable in all forms.

The International heard that more that 80% of young Muslim children in school have experienced a verbal or physical attack in public just because of their faith. One young boy described how a polish student had held a blade of some description to his throat whilst verbally abusing him, because his parents had taught him that Muslims were something different, and different is something to fear and destroy.

Islam is one of three major religions in the world that are collectively known as the Abrahamic religions due to their common features, the other two being Judaism and Christianity. Muslims are not as “different” as some people wish to believe. Ignorance on either side is a dangerous attribute that leads to irrational fear.