Hundreds of Thousands from the UK call for Netanyahu’s arrest.

  • By Arial Zingel

With Israeli leader, UN identified war criminal, genocide suspect and outwardly racist extremists; Benyamin Netanyahu due to receive a warm and official welcome to London by the British government later this week, today we saw Britain say NO.

Heavy handed police seem to target only one side of the protests outside Downing Street

Heavy handed police seem to target only one side of the protests outside Downing Street

Lines of opposing protests lined the entrance to Downing Street today. The Metropolitan Police appeared however to be acting rather brutally, man handling and arresting many seemingly peaceful protesters. The protests were made up of a pleasantly balanced mix of women, children, the elderly and males, from all ethnic and religious backgrounds, including many Jewish citizens and citizens of Israeli origins. It has to be made clear nobody was protesting for or against any religion or state, rather protesting for and against the UK’s support of a known and internationally wanted war criminal and genocidal maniac.

An official and legal petition calling for Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes upon arrival into the UK was signed by well over 100’000 people in an incredibly short period of time.

This petition is potent for two reason; firstly it is UK law that any petition signed by 100’000 people or more must be considered for parliamentary debate. Secondly the UK recently arrested Rwanda’s Emmanuel Karenzi Karake in a London airport.

Can the UK be seen to openly pick and choose which wanted war criminals it arrests on it’s soil and which it welcomes with open arms?

A recent petition to legalise cannabis which attracted 200’000 signature has made it on the the parliamentary debate schedule recently, raising the question as to whether or not the government will listen to it’s citizens on this potent issue.

It has been suggested by some shocking revelations recently that the USA’s targeted and illegal regime changes around the world may have some positive consequences for Netanyahu who it would seem would like nothing more than Syria to liquidate so ‘The Golden Hights’ territory can be stolen from Syria and secured possibly along with other Syrian sovereign territories.

It must be stressed, that it is the UN, the Human Rights Watch and many sovereign nations themselves accusing Netanyahu’s government of war crimes and genocide. None of the protests have been linked to any religion or to any antisemitism. It is the atrocities against humanity and breaches of international law that British people no longer want their government to support and protect.