Nationalist makes third attempt at creating a racist utopia on the Canadian/USA border


Convicted ‘white-supremacist’ Craig Cobb

Convicted white-supremacist, Craig Cobb makes his third attempt at creating his racist utopia | Cobb wants to name his all-fascist enclave after Donald Trump.

Warning!This article contains strong or offensive language.


  • By Calder Collins

Top rate, first class all round king arse-hole of the world Craig Cobb, after being released from prison after his last attempt is at it again. Trying to create an all white, all extreme enclave in the US close to the Canadian border. This time he says he’s doing things the legal way, by manipulating and abusing his constitutional rights. 

White nationalist Craig Cobb just won’t give up on his delusional dream to establish an all-white enclave in North Dakota. Now, in honor of his favored 2016 presidential candidate, Cobb wants to name his racist utopia after Republican hopeful Donald Trump.

First, it was the tiny community of Leith, and then it was Sherwood. Now, Cobb says he has set his sights on Antler, N.D., about 180 miles north of Leith and very close to the Canadian border. However, Cobb doesn’t always seem to stand by what he says. After he was arrested in 2013 for parading around with guns and terrorising citizens in Leith, he told The Associated Press: “I’ll be glad to get out of the state, and I’ll never come back to North Dakota.”. In April of last year, Cobb added he planned to “retire from white nationalism” and ask the court for permission to move to Missouri to care for his ailing mother.

Cobb is attempting to fund all of his antics by misusing the online crowd-funding system.

Following on from his failed long-time goal of creating his own religion, his self-proclaimed Creativity Movement, Cobb purchased a $10,000 property in the small town of Antler, not far from the Canadian border. According to WDAY-TV, the property would be the base of operations for an all-white community.

To accomplish that goal, Cobb plans to turn an old bank he bought from former Antler resident Jim Lozensky into a church. Supporters could then be accommodated in nearby residential lots. Located in the center of the town, Cobb hoped to attract enough to people to outsize the existing voting population.
The local population is believed to only consist of 20-25 people, however under the US voting structure has it’s own representative constituency. Thus, in theory if Cobb and his supporters are the voting majority in the town, they have a greater legal chance of changing the future of the town.
It is thought that Cobb purchased as many as a dozen plots of land in the town which he is offering to sell drastically under market value to any ‘like minded’ creatures.

And, in order to honor a man he truly admires, Cobb also hoped he could rename his offensive enclave. Instead of Antler, he prefers “Trump Creativity” or “Creativity Trump.”

Cobb’s dream, however, didn’t come true this time, for the town’s residents were not very happy about the situation. Soon after Lozensky received a down payment from the white supremacist for the church, he got a new $35,000 offer from the city, and the deal was soon closed.

In an online post Cobb so eloquently states in an attempt at showing public concern:
“We ‘rayciss bigots’ want to live with each other, we don’t want to bother anyone,” Cobb wrote, adding; “That’s what we wanted to do in Leith, and there was no problem until you guys came along.”

Whilst Cobb might see himself as the next Albert Einstein, the man is no genius, yes, he can technically out number the local votes, but does he really think that the law allows for a pseudo-parallel power encouraging hatred and racism to set up shop and try to take control of a voting constituency?