‘Russian’ Submarine in Swedish waters, FINALLY found


  • By Viktor Larsen

Ghosts of ‘Russian submarines’ continued to haunt Sweden, as salvage hunters claimed they had discovered one such sunken vessel not far from the country’s coast. The military looked into the images, but experts said the sub was actually likely to be a century old.

“A Russian mini-submarine has been discovered at Swedish territorial waters not far from the Swedish coast. The submarine is about 20 meters long and three and a half meters wide,” Ocean X Team, a group of Icelandic salvage hunters, who discovered the wreckage, said in a statement.

However, elsewhere in the region;

After many weeks of hostilities the UK was forced to admit that the submarine that damaged a Northern Irish trawler in April this year, not Russian. Earlier, Fleet Street was awash with speculation that a ‘hostile Russian sub’ had nearly destroyed the fishing vessel.

There is now a strong consensus, and unofficial statements coming from British Navy personnel that the wild goose chase for the ‘Russian’ ghost ship, was just another stray British vessel that had wondered off course.