UN condemns Hungarian cross-border violence against refugees as illegal

Injured Refugees run for their lives from Hungarian armed units in Serbia
A man tries to shield his wife and baby from armed Hungarian forces.

A man tries to shield his wife and baby from armed Hungarian forces.

Hungarian forces attack infants, babies and women.

Hungarian forces attack infants, babies and women.

Tragedy as bloody soaked infant and father run from the armed violence.

Tragedy as bloody soaked infant and father run from the armed violence.


Welcome to the Balkans, the land that peace forgot





  • By Jusf Islamović

Hungary has today come under political condemnation from the United Nations.

Thousands of desperate refugees forced from their families and homes by savage war, war many credit USA and Europe for creating, have traveled a journey they will be in a hurry to forget.

Bulgaria reinforced it’s border with Turkey with a strong military presence, and traveling through Istanbul into Greece was not a viable option, meaning that thousands upon thousands of hungry, shocked and scared refugees had to risk what little they had left to loose crossing the Mediterranean Sea to the Balkans.

Making it to the Balkans is so close yet so far from Europe. Although over the last decade the Balkan states have one by one slowly been swallowed up by Europe those that remain are under heavy UN and NATO occupation, still recovering from years of war, ethnic cleansing, genocide and invasion. The refugees at this stage have simply left one war zone and landed in another, all be it a recovering one.

The Hungarian forces, heavily armored and heavily armed over the last 48 hours have effectively laid siege to the defenseless refugees across the European border with the Balkans.

In a clear act of aggression, provocation and out-right inhumanity, Hungarian forces stormed the refugees with batons, shields, gas and military grade water cannons. This attack was carried out against women, children, babies and men corralled by razor wire, with no where to run and no where to hide.

Even though the Hungarian government recognizes that none of the refugees want to stay in Hungary and they are only using it as a transit nation to get to their final destinations; Germany and Austria. The Hungarian government has build a military blockage around the northern border of Serbia, firing across it at the refugees with gas and water cannon, arresting anyone who dares attempt to cross, deface or climb the fence. Arresting suspected climbers from the Balkan side of the border is a clear breach of the Serbian sovereignty by the Hungarian forces.

Serbia and Croatia, who in the 1990’s were part of one of the world’s worst genocides not only against each other but against their Muslim populations, appear to be trying to change the ways of their horrific past by providing taxis, trains and coaches to transport refugees to the Croatian capital Zagreb, where they are greeted and their situation explained in English. Here the refugees are fed, sheltered and registered before being given assistance traveling north-west into Europe. Another former Yugoslav nation, Slovenia, however, is not so humane, closing it’s borders to refugees in transit.

One Hungarian armed policeman explained, by some deluded way of justification to one of The International’s reporters on the ground, that a small number of refugees started to throw empty plastic water bottles at the armored units after a previous gas attack, the Hungarians ‘had no choice’ but to retaliate will full force, gas, water cannon and batons.

To put things into perspective the tiny nation of Lebanon has already taken in many more refugees (now amounting to 25% of it’s entire population) than the entire continents of Europe and USA combined have pledged to over the next five years.