Netanyahu’s new laws turn his army’s fire power on Muslim children


  • By Avi Ishmaeel

To say that the Israeli leader, Netanyahu is no stranger to being responsible for controversial deaths of Muslims, would be a huge understatement. Yet in recent changes to the Israeli law, which is enforced onto Palestinians, throwing a stone at an armored vehicle or tank, even in self-defense is now punishable by a very lengthy prison sentence.

Throwing a stone at an armored vehicle or tank, even if said tank is firing at you or has just murdered your family, now carries a prison sentence of 10 years. But if the Israeli courts can prove to themselves that you intended harm to anyone inside the vehicle, a relatively simple task, then the sentence is double up to 20 years.

However, in Netanyahu’s self proclaimed “War on stones” radical new law reforms have been proposed that have the international community in outrage.

Under the new reforms all prison sentences would now by enforceable to children under the age of 10 years, the current limit.

Perhaps most shocking of all is the reform proposal to allow all military units to engage with lethal force, including the use of live round, sniper fire against all protester or stone throwers, regardless of their age. Under current Israeli laws, the military can only shoot to kill if they believe that the protesters or children throwing stones pose a risk to their own safety, a feeling that they seem to feel quite often from inside their riot gear, tanks and armored vehicles. With the new reform, there would not be this threshold to overcome, lethal force would be available as a primary option to disperse crowds, protests or stone throwers.