Racist, Ignorant & Xenophobic: US Presidential hopeful, Ben Carson.

Racist & Xenophobic Idiot
Racist & Xenophobic Idiot

Ben Carson

  • By Claire Reyes

‘Genius’ spits one sarcastic audience member.


After one of the xenophobic clowns running running for US president currently, Donald Trump, firstly failed to correct far a right supporter’s claim that President Obama was Muslim, then managed to upset the world’s 2 billion followers of the Islamic faith when he said it wasn’t his job to “defend President Obama” because it is such a bad thing to be part of the world’s largest religion that you need defending if you are ‘accused’ of being a believer. This sounds a lot like 1930’s Germany rhetoric already.

But Trump’s racist faux pas are nothing in comparison to Ben Carson’s racist, idiotic and xenophobic hate speech which he made during the NBC’s ‘meet the press’.

“I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.”  

“Muslims are unfit to be president”

Carson’s friend in racism Trump was condemned for supporting or at least not correcting, the views of one of his followers during a conversation which included such statements as:

“We have a problem in this country – it’s called Muslims”

Trump is no stranger to racism after the extremist declared that Mexicans were not welcome, and he intended to build a wall across the entire border.

Despite the fact that President Obama is openly Christian, a worryingly large number American politicians such as Carson and Trump continue to capitalise on the socially ingrained racism that they themselves actively spread.

Hate speeches as openly racist and provocative of those from Trump and Carson have not been seen in international politics since the second world war.

Racist extremist Trump even demanded that President Obama provide his birth certificate to prove he wasn’t an illegal Muslim immigrant from Kenya (Obama is from the US state of Hawaii). The President surprisingly did provide his birth certificate to the fascist.

But most concerning of all, racists Trump and Carson are currently in second and third place in the race for the US Presidential elections.

Recent comments and speeches from Carson and Trump have led to protests across Hawaiian, Muslim and Latin populations world wide.