Letters to the editors

Your letters, sent to our editors

We always welcome readers’ letters here at The International and on a daily basis we receive stacks, mainly via email, from around the world. Photographs, stories, letters of support, invitations to events, questions about journalism, even keen eyed readers picking up on some of our unfortunate typos it must be said.

But every now and again we receive nonconstructive mail from an angry reader, and it would only seem fair to publish those too.

One such email came through to a rather surprised editor today whilst at home finishing up the final checks for tomorrow’s printing. The email was titled “smash Big Ben”. Thinking that this is perhaps some sort of ironic demonstration of the desensitisation to war and human suffering the email is opened.. it was not a witty quip.

Instead the email contained a rather self defeating paragraph unintelligibly ranting and insulting the intelligence of the public in general before hitting Shadow Government leader Corbyn with what is possibly the most nonsensical string of garbage ever to leave an individual’s mouth: ” the threat posed to our great nation by the great commie-nazi-jihadist-socialist Jeremy Corbyn. Please publish” 

We would be much obliged to publish sir, not because we agree with you, who could agree with a self contradicting racist barrage such as that, but because it is in the public interest to know that dangerously stupid people out there such as the author of that statement have learned to read.

The author was kind enough to leave his email address, home address, full name and mobile number so we could pay him to publish the story however.

So thank you Mr Luke Tayler, from Leyland, Lancashire who describes himself as “the political elite”, for reassuring us all that racism and delusional grandiose are still alive.