France proves incapable of learning from their mistakes

Bomb blasted Syria

Bomb blasted Syria

  • By Jean-Francois Géroux

Proving that France has learned nothing from the recent refugee crisis sweeping across the Mediterranean Islands, Balkans and Europe, France bewilders the international community by declaring air-strike based warfare in Syria.

The fact that the millions of innocent families, elderly, women and children have been killed or forced from their homes and country does not seem to have registered with the French government. They fail to see the correlation between the widely accepted facts that it was EU and US illegal warfare in the region that caused the instability and torment we still see today. Rather than trying to help those immediately in desperate need of food, shelter and medicine we have seen racism, far right movement marches, physical abuse of refugees and outright shameful mismanagement of international laws when it comes to the refugee situation. Now we see an all time new low in the French moral compass which was not exactly high to start with, from the country that brought us cartoons lampooning the death of a Syrian child on a Turkish beach, (#Jenesuispascharlie) they now bring us cowardly bombs dropped on a people already suffering.

French President Francois Hollande has claimed French planes destroyed a training camp in the eastern town of Deir al-Zour.
A US-led coalition has been carrying out air strikes against Syria and Iraq for more than a year, although they have admitted the location of all bomb landing locations cannot be tracked or confirmed.
Speaking in New York, Mr Hollande said a political solution was needed to end the Syrian crisis, but the legitimate Government and elected President of the sovereign nation could not be part of it, meaning yet another illegal regime change was desired.
France, like the UK, has previously confined it’s air strikes to Iraqi airspace, marking 12 years of illegal war in the country.
The UK announced earlier this month it had carried out a drone strike against two British citizens, (an action now under intense scrutiny by both UK members of parliament and legal bodies across the world, as the assassination of it’s own citizens on foreign soil via drones, with out any attempts to make an arrest, with no charges, trial.judge or jury, regardless of accusations, is largely held to be an illegal act under both domestic and international laws.) in Syria but has yet to fly manned operations in Syrian airspace.
France had previously admitted and maintained that international law prevented it from attacking targets in Syria.
France and Britain fueled by their common dislike of refugees have promised to find new, more immediate ways to halt the war in Syria so that they may stem the flow of refugees into Northern Europe. This new strategy includes yet more war, bombs and drone attacks.

If the rift in the Security Council over Syria cannot be repaired, Mr Cameron’s call for a new ‘diplomatic’ initiative to end the war won’t change anything.

Whilst Europe argue over the best ways to illegally remove a sovereign nation’s elected government, stop refugees from countries they destabilised from asking for help, and how perhaps stop the tragic warfare and human suffering along the way if they can. Russia has continued to honour it’s 7 year old contract to supply the Syrian government with military hardware in order to defend itself from the vast array of internal and foreign forces, currently battling to tear the country apart.

The French attitude of “bombs created refugees, so more bombs will get rid of them” does not seem to be a very popular approach among the civilians of any nation, not even France.