Corbyn wins over hearts to become the face of a caring Britain

  • By Simon Adams

Leader of the shadow government Jeremy Corbyn is a name you can not help hearing a lot at the moment, but why listen to word of mouth, why not listen to his words from his own mouth?

Labour leader Corbyn who set a record for the largest ever land slide victory in a leadership vote addressed the citizens of Warwickshire today in a passionate speech.

Corbyn told voters that they do not have to accept that inequality and injustice are an inevitable and ingrained way of life in Britain Corbyn reassured the crowds that things “can and must change”

Mr Corbyn vowed to create a “kinder politics” and “a more caring society”

Local crowds and radio audiences described Corbyn as “a breath of fresh air” giving “straight answers to genuine questions from the public” One of Corbyn’s issues raised was the long term goal of eliminating the ever spiraling increase in homelessness in the UK, hindered by the aggressive anti-homeless measures brought in by the Conservatives such as “anti-homeless spikes” pointed metal spikes embedded into the ground where homeless people are found to sleep.

Corbyn is rapidly becoming the caring face of British politics, a nation with a reputation for injustice, war and an uncaring society.