Theresa May and her fight against diversity

  • By Paul Watts

UK Home Secretary’s new immigration plans slammed as racist and against equality and diversity


During the Conservative party conference in Manchester, which has been the focus of so many anti-government protests of late, May announced new proposed laws so far off the right of the scale many would have been forgiven if initially they thought she was joking.

They new rules would see refugees who have already been granted asylum or indefinite leave to remain in the UK become subject to “safe return reviews” which could lead to a mass deportation of people having their families and lives they have built for themselves here in the UK destroyed as they are sent back if the Home Office deems their lives no longer to be in danger.

 In her bid to become David Cameron’s successor as PM and Tory leader, May ragged the far right anti-diversity card as far as she could. Rebuffing the European Union’s quota sharing scheme declaring “NOT IN A THOUSAND YEARS!” 

The lack of union in the European Union has lead to Germany taking a solid leadership role in the country to stop the continent becoming totally sidelined from international politics. Whilst nations such as the Arab states, USA, Russia and Turkey are making policies and taking action (for better or worse) over such matters as the war in Syria, Climate changes, Nuclear disarmament and global economic crises the EU remains impotent, unable to compile a common foreign policy. A clear de facto European leadership and capital has risen in Germany, In economic, humanitarian and policy terms.

May’s far right push is likely to only alienate the UK further and cause a wider divide among the EU leaders, further endangering the future of the European Union.