Twin suicide bomb attack devastates Turkish rally in the capital Ankara

  • By Haifa Mustafa

The Turkish capital Ankara hosted a mass demonstration on Saturday. The pro-Kurdish demonstrators called for the government to stop fighting the terror group PKK.

The rally was hit by two suicide bombers.

By Sunday morning there were 128 confirmed dead with the figure continuing to rise.

Sunday saw fresh rallies blaming both the Turkish government and the PKK rebels for escalating and provoking attacks.

Investigators have linked distinct similarities to an earlier terror attack this year in the south of Turkey.

The government’s official verdict on whom carried out the attack is still neutral, but investigators are increasingly backing one of two explanations; a staged escalation from the PKK, or more likely, according to investigators and the Turkish Government, the attack could have been carried out by Dawla rebels (Whom go by many names).

With the total disorder in Turkey’s neighbours, Iraq and Syria many are seeing mounting evidence that the Kurdish terror group PKK are using the troubles as a cover to perform illegal attempted land grabs to gain permanent control over territories in the three nations, as well as a long term ambition to take land from Iran.

The USA, a fellow NATO member along with Turkey, and a Turkish ally, continues to fund, train, support and back the PKK.

The difficulties in allies:

  • Turkey is a NATO ally of the USA
  • Turkey is at war with the Kurds
  • USA is an ally of the Kurds
  • Dawla are at war with the USA and the Kurds
  • Turkey allows the USA to use it’s airbases to launch airstrikes in Syria