Netanyahu in fresh attacks on Palestine

  • By Avi Ishmaeel

palestine map

Over the weekend the Israeli military has stepped up new efforts to wipe out the Palestinian people. There has been a series of rocket, bomb, gun and knife attacks on civilians in Palestine.

Perhaps most shocking was a pregnant woman and her 3 year old child who were targeted by an Israeli rocket attack, the pregnant woman and infant were killed in Gaza, despite the fact  that the knife attacks to which Netanyahu claimed to be retaliating where in the West Bank. 

Netanyahu has declared that in “the interests of self defense” the Israeli military and police will be dramatically increasing it’s presence in predominantly Muslim Palestinian areas.

Despite land grabs from Palestine and Syria which over 130 countries have declared illegal Netanyahu maintains his ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is not a crime and is in the interests of defense only.

Palestinians remain blockaded with no access to international or humanitarian aid. There is little food or education, water and power are scarce and weapons virtually impossible to obtain.

Palestinian children who are often targeted directly by the Israeli military with sniper fire and automatic rifles rely on throwing stones as their only method to defend themselves and their families.

The international call for Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes including ethic cleansing and genocide continue, but with the USA as their closest ally, there is little chance of that ever happening.

During Netanyahu’s recent visit to the UK, mass protests outside Downing Street demanded his immediate arrest.

The latest series of missile and military attacks from Israel follows a series of stabbings in Jerusalem which left many Palestinians and Israelis dead and wounded. The stabbings erupted as tensions over the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque reached a head following an increasing number of Israeli military attacks in and around the Mosque.