#RiseUpOctober Global rallies sweep New York, Paris, London, Berlin and beyond

  • By Kemal Yilmaz

Citizens around the world have entered a second day of global protests

under the hash tag #RiseUpOctober

New York City (USA)

nyc protests

Dozens have been arrested as protesters shut down New York City for the second day in protests against an unjust legal system which targets the poor and ethnic minorities. Police have been criticised for heavy handed and abusive policing of the peaceful protests.



FRANCE-ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS-CONFLICT-GAZA-DEMOProtesters in Paris have thrown blue paint over riot police during demonstrations. The protests are unhappy about the killing of an environmental activist when police threw a grenade at a crowd of protesters.

The protests also focused heavily on Palestine and anti-TTIP sentiments.

Pro-Refugee/Anti-Racism protesters were also present.




2413Gaza2Anti-Government protests in the UK have entered their 6th month.

Many critics are calling this the slow crumbling of the British Union leaving the inevitably independent nations that make up the UK.

Protesters are calling for the immediate resignation of PM David Cameron.


London Anti-Gov Protests 15The main points of contention being; TTIP, the UK’s illegal war fare and regime changes by what is being seen as a xenophobic, right wing government, spiraling costs of living, Scottish independence, police brutality, judicial corruption and mass surveillance.

Protesters also complained about Prince Charles’ interference in political issues, in the UK the royal family is a non-political body and may not enforce political influence, something Prince Charles unwisely likes to do. Including his recent boycott of the Chinese state dinner.

Protesters are calling this the death of democracy in the country as the UK becomes a totalitarian police state ruled by a “pig ****** ” whom refuses to listen to his people.



TTIP3 A march through Berlin more than a quarter of a million strong sent a strong message to the world earlier this month, Germany does not want US rule. They said no to TTIP and no to government surveillance US, German or otherwise. The protests also called their government out for harboring racists in light of the rise of far right supporters and the miss treatment of refugees. 2015 so far has seen 46 officially recognised arson attacks against refugee centers in recorded hate crimes. Read More…



Europe and the Balkans

6554954-3x2-940x627Rising tensions and occasional cross border clashes between Europe and the Balkan states over the refugee crisis have shown the world that the EU is not so equal after all.

Balkan states that are part of the EU have had metal fences build around them, fortified with military vehicles and armed forces. Xenophobic European states such as Slovakia and Hungary have made it very clear that non Christian and non Europeans are not welcome, refugees or otherwise, and that included the EU’s Balkan members.

Hungary build a militarily protected fence separating the Balkans from Europe and conducted several cross border raids into Serbian territory. The European borders with Balkan states Slovenia and Croatia remain heavily fortified by military forces.

Slovakia refused to accept immigrant and refugees that are not christian. The majority of the refugees and very significant proportion of the Balkan populations are Muslim. The Balkan states’ EU membership effectively rendered meaningless, especially as other Balkan EU embers Bulgaria and Romania have never been given full freedom of movement rights that the European EU members enjoy.

Turkey has accused the EU of trying to buy it’s way out of having to accept Muslim refugees and immigrants after German chancellor Angela Merkel offered Turkish leader Erdogan pseudo EU membership if Turkey took the refugees in a forced migration from the EU to Turkey, and if Turkey stopped further refugees from making it to Europe.   

Many across Europe and the Balkans have taken to the streets in protest against the EU’s far right stance on religious and ethnic equality.


court3As covered recently, India has repealed the 99th constitutional amendment in the same month it was passed. Protesters across all of the Indian states are calling this the final death of democracy in the country.



Israel and Palestine

jews against zion

Mass protests by members of the Jewish faith against Israel and Netanyahu have spread across the world, from the Middle-East to Europe and the USA.

Netanyahu has lost what little grasp of reality his tiny xenophobic ethnically cleansing mind could previously hold. The wanted war criminal recently announced live on television that it was the Palestinians and not the Nazis that carried out the Holocaust during World War 2.   

Israel in recent weeks has seen a series of Jew on Jew murders after attackers proclaimed to have accidentally mistaken their victim for a Palestinian. Read More…



Mass protests erupted across Spain after Spanish police arrested the Catalan President for holding a referendum on independence from Spain, a referendum in which more than 80% voted for independence. Read More… 

Whilst some blame the recent protests on the rise of the #NewWorldOrder and some psychiatrists saying that human minds can only take so much repression and abuse before they start to rebel against their conditioning, others have cited this year’s instability on the start of a third world war.

What ever you views on cause and effect of the protests, it is clear that many world leaders are becoming more totalitarian and the public will not accept it easily.