Police brutalise peaceful protests in St Pancras

  • By Samuel Regent


Peaceful protests against the abuse of refugees at London’s King Cross and St Pancras Euro-Tunnel Station, Europe’s largest train station, was the scene of obscene police brutality today.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed to The International that protesters demonstrating in support of migrants and refugees have been ejected from St Pancras Station in London, using physical force.

The Met also confirmed that the tactic known as “Kettling” was deployed. Kettling is a police tactic where groups that the police wish to suppress are held in a tightly cordoned area ringed by armed riot police and only allowed to leave one at a time, the next not permitted to leave until the previous has been either arrested and secured in custody or removed from the vicinity.

Disorder broke out on this afternoon after demonstrators broke through a police line and entered the Eurostar terminal. When the police started to use excessive force, causing minor injuries the protesters started to throw smoke grenades at the police.

It is thought that just over 100 protesters managed to brake through the police cordon in an attempt to reach the Eurostar platforms.

Videos on social media show that, riot police responded with tear-gas grenades, CS-Chemical spray and extremely heavy use of batons and shields, it is thought some significant injuries on unarmed protesters and by standers were inflicted.

Once inside the station, some of the demonstrators held up a banner saying “Close down Yarl’s Wood & all detention centres”. Yarl’s Wood has been internationally condemned for breaching human rights, acts of physical abuse, suspicious deaths of inmate, illegal detention of immigrants with out charges or accusations of criminal activity and for denying the UN inspectors access to the facility on multiple occasions. Yarl’s Wood is nicknamed by many in London as a concentration camp not a detention centre.

Official reports from the Met police are as yet indicating that only two arrests were made, with one seriously injured member of the protest group. This figure is expected to be revised up significantly on Monday.

Bystanders wrote of the chaos on social media:

Joel Benjamin said: “Utter carnage at Kings Cross station for migrants demo. Flares, Cops going in batons drawn.”

PhD student Theo Kindynis wrote: “Protestors break through police lines at Kings Cross St Pancras. Protest in solidarity with refugees.”

“Police ninja smashing unarmed, peaceful protesters, one looks seriously hurt”

British Transport Police have spoken out against the Metropolitan Police telling The International that the protests were entirely peaceful until the Met started using physicality to remove the protesters one by one.

“Around this time a number of other individuals arrived at the station causing disorder and missiles, including smoke grenades, were thrown at police officers.”

It was the second pro-refugee demonstration to have taken place at St Pancras station this month after protesters threw fake blood on themselves and held up placards saying “borders kill”.

Scotland Yard said that those trying to enter the station in support of the protesters were ejected and removed from the local area.

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