Conservatives are failing the people – leading Tory tells Cameron

cameron saying fuck off

  • By Amy Porter


The government stands accused by a leading Tory thinker of creating a “country for older generations” in which pensioners benefit from constantly rising incomes while the young, their families and children pay the price of punishing policy decisions, including cuts to their tax credits.

In a hard-hitting intervention on the eve of what is expected to be a tempestuous House of Lords debate over plans to slash the incomes of millions of low-income families, former Conservative minister and prominent party intellectual David Willetts explained that the current policy mix is manifestly unfair and breaks the supposed “social contract” between generations.

This outspokenness comes as massive anti-government protests continue into their sixth month.

Ever rising tuition fees, attempts to remove free tuition from Wales, high unemployment, zero hour contracts, low salaries, a failing health services, every rising costs of living, a corrupt, unjust and racist legal system enforced by mass surveillance and police brutality coupled with the hypocrisy over contentious issues such as the UK’s funding and support for Israel and illegal warfare and forced regime changes in the middle east. These are just some of the quite staggeringly vast number of problems protesters have been raising over the last six months,

This year the under 30s generation of Britain became the first generation in this nation to expect to die younger and poorer than their parents.

Suicide is now the most common cause of death for over 35s in the UK overtaking cancer, heart disease and natural causes.

Willetts has expressed many concerns inline with demonstrators who have accused Cameron of using austerity and narcissistic, self-harming cuts to create a society where those citizens in need the most are neglected, abandoned to die by a failing welfare, and social system whilst rewarding the wealthiest citizens with more wealth and tax cuts.

Secretive deals such as TTIP which stand to destroy national and European standards for the sake of a higher percentage profit for those who can afford to lead the game are not helping Cameron’s already poor public image.

Social analysts have shown in agreement with Willetts’ condemnation of Cameron, that the oldest generations currently living in Britain will be the last free, wealthy and healthy generation this dying kingdom is likely to see if the situation is not addressed soon.

“Not my Prime Minister” This poignant graffiti (main photograph) has been appearing nation wide at such a rate the government workers are failing to remove it faster than it is appearing.