4 year old Bosnian migrant abducted and killed in Germany

  • By Hasan Abdulić


The suspect, named only as Silvio S, was arrested on Thursday. The body of a child was found in his car.

It is thought to be that of Mohamed Januzi, a four year old Bosnian who was kidnapped from a refugee registration camp in Berlin on the 1st October 2015.

Prosecutors in Berlin say the man suspected of murdering Mohamed Januzi has admitted killing another young boy, Elias, missing from his home in Potsdam since July.

Silvio S reportedly said he had buried six-year-old Elias in an allotment.

The fate of the little boy, who disappeared without a trace from outside his home in Potsdam, had been big news in Germany.

The 32-year-old suspect was arrested at his family home in the state of Brandenburg, outside Berlin, after a tip-off from his mother.

German media reports say the murders were sexually motivated.

Preying on the most innocent and defenseless, not only children, but refugee children, has shaken the German public.