Million mask march protests| Global Intifada

  • By Isa Sayiqa


700 cities, millions of protesters, once cause.. FREEDOM, from totalitarianism, oppression and corruption

Although the group has received permission of the UN Secretary General to partake in the pre-planned, well organised peaceful protests, police in most cities have readied riot police, with the Metropolitan police of London, UK warning the protesters “there will be violence if they stray”.

The UK police in particular have adopted very physical crackdowns on legal, anti-oppression marches, ironically proving the point of the protesters.

The marches which began moments ago have already seen tens of thousands of activists disguised as Guy Fawkes flooding the streets in some 671 cities cities so far as the Anonymous-led Million Mask March sweeps the globe. The hacktivist group and its followers are protesting against censorship, corruption, oppression, far-right totalitarianism, war and poverty.


The event which has been annual since 2011 has so far seen around 18’000 people taking to the streets of London. This year’s dress code for the London’s Million Mask March calls for “white judicial wigs, black robes & Anonymous masks for Order of Public Court.”

The Guy Fawkes masks have been a symbol of anti-government and anti-status-quo demonstrations since the 2005 revival of the movement.



Meanwhile in Washington, the Million Mask March is expected to be attended by 25,000 people, according to Facebook’s number of “going” at the time of publication, but remember the majority of anti-spying and anti-oppression activists shy from social media, as such the number is expected to be much more significant.

Activists plan to meet by the Washington monument not far from the Capitol building and march towards the White House. They are going to be protesting a wide range of issues, including “Police brutality,” the “2nd amendment,” and “MAJOR corruption in every government,” to name a few, while rallying for “FREEDOM!”

Similar marches are expected in New York, Philadelphia, Texas, Florida, California, and several other states.


In Germany, people in Berlin and Dusseldorf have been invited to peaceful Million Mask Marches “for peace, freedom and justice.”

“It is no longer just about the freedom on the internet, no, no, no, it’s about the freedom of the human race! Let us work together for freedom, justice and brotherhood by protesting!”  ~ German invitation statement


If you are planning on participating; remember, any acts of aggression or criminal activity from the demonstrators not only lead to extreme abuse from the police, but will also loose the argument for the cause.

Stay calm, and remember, film! Should the police start to act violently as they have promised to in London film them , take their badge numbers if possible. Police brutality is a horrific epidemic and only by documenting categorical, indisputable proof can it be challenged.