Combating Prejudice | Meet the female CXOs

  • By S.Q.Hafiz

Women hold just 11% of executive roles in Silicon Valley and in medicine whilst women make up some 73% of the middle management, they only equate to 4% of the CX level officers.

Swedish medical technology company, Episurf, has broken the mould when it comes to preventative measures for degenerative joint ailments by combining revolutionary patented technology with innovative medical procedures have broken with tradition in gender equality. Read more about Episurf’s technology…

The CE Mark licensed, NASDAQ listed company boasts an impressive list of female head honchos, in fact, 5 out of 6 executive management are female; The Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Head of Regulatory and QA and Head of Clinical Affairs are all female, leaving only their Sales Director as the sole male management member.

From left to right: Ladan Amiri – head of Regulatory and QA | Jeanette Spanberg – Chief Operations Officer | Lena Lonee – Chief Financial Officer | Rosemary Cunningham Thomas – Chief Executive Officer

From left to right: Ladan Amiri – head of Regulatory and QA | Jeanette Spanberg – Chief Operations Officer | Lena Lonee – Chief Financial Officer | Rosemary Cunningham Thomas – Chief Executive Officer

Although all 5 board members remain male, it is extremely rare, especially within the given industry sector to see an organization empowering gender equality to such a degree.

CEO, Rosemary Cunningham Thomas, a clinical pharmacist by training, has previously acted as CEO for UK-based ToHealth Ltd., interim CEO for FreeHand 2010 Ltd. and European President of Galil Medical, Galil Ltd and Galil s.r.l

Prior to that, she was Sales and Marketing Director for CR Bard, Inc., listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Rosemary has also held several key positions at Smiths Industries Med Systems (now Smiths Medical) listed on the FTSE 100. Rosemary is now CEO of Episurf Medical AB and the head of the UK and GMBH subsidiary.

Episurf is being seen as corporate role model for young women and girls, proving that gender should not, and indeed does not, have to limit career progression irrespective of industry sector.