Labour MP Dawn Butler says that Corbyn does not want George Galloway back

  • By Massimo Mersche


Seemingly and bizarrely speaking on behalf of the leader of the opposition, Miss Butler took it upon herself to state that George Galloway was not welcome back into the Labour Party.

The chair of the women’s Parliamentary Labour Party also warns there would be an “almighty revolt” if the former MP returned.

Mr Galloway, was expelled from the Labour Party in 2003 after openly speaking out against Tony Blair and calling the then Prime Minister a liar over the illegal invasion of Iraq. Although proved right, the war widely accepted as illegal as are many of the actions that were carried out during the illegal war and regime change, Blair now himself accused of war crimes from multiple international bodies, Galloway remains outcast by the Labour Party. It would seem that the party of the ‘labour force’ still does not tolerate free thinking and standing by humane morals.

Galloway has since stood against, and won seats from Labour candidates in several elections, as part of the Respect Party, but expressed an interest in returning to the party after the election of Mr Corbyn as leader.

Last Friday, Ken Livingstone, former mayor of London and one of Mr Corbyn’s supporters, told LBC “we should take him back” as long as he was prepared to abide by Labour party rules.

Mr Galloway will be running for mayor of London in 2016 and has a substantial level of support not just in London, or the UK but internationally for his humane and direct approach to policies, especially with regards to peaceful foreign policies. Many saw Galloway’s revolt against Blair in 2003 as a morally right, honest and justified stance against a war criminal and tyrant, whilst other party member silently watched as war crimes and horrors unfolded.

Ms Butler, the MP for Brent Central, said in her article that Mr Galloway had an “ugly track record in opposing Labour women”, pointing to his recent campaign against Naz Shah in Bradford West, when he suggested Ms Shah had lied about having been the victim of a forced marriage.

“Suggestions that George Galloway should be readmitted to the Labour party are rather bewildering,” Ms Butler wrote. “I have spoken to Jeremy Corbyn and he has told me he is not in favour of letting Galloway back in.”

Yet many see Galloway’s outspokenness as a necessary challenge to a form of toxic British politics based on deceit and immoral policies.

In a recent poll by The International, readers were asked whether they supported George Galloway being reinstated into the Labour Party, 75% of respondents voted yes, in support of his reinstatement.