Apple’s show of solidarity sparks backlash in France

  • By Daniel Foss

Following Apple’s recent accusation of failing to deal appropriately with racist staff (Read More…) the US based company sought to make amends by displaying solidarity with France following last week’s attacks in Paris (Read More...).


Image: @Grrr

However the plan somewhat backfired, as so aptly pointed out by one twitter follower:

“Merci Apple, c’est gentil. Après, si tu pouvais payer tes impôts en France on pourrait payer les policiers. Bisous. ” ~@Grrr

“Thank you Apple, That’s nice. Now, perhaps you could pay your taxes in France so that we can pay the Police. Kisses”

Apple along with other US giants such as Facebook (Read More…) have been in the spotlight recently in many European countries for paying a seemingly disproportionately low amount of taxes.