Far-right extremist, Donald Trump wants to emulate Hitler if elected

  • By Brian Chambers


Far right extremism usually associated with the atrocities in World War 2 or the Ku Klux Klan, a far right version of Christianity responsible for mass murder and brutal violent hate crimes around the world, has a new face.


Image Rights: Exposed News Alternative ©

Image Rights: Exposed News Alternative © Donald Trump, Far-Right Extremist and US Presidential hopeful

To say trump is stupid, xenophobic, racist or extreme is a tremendous understatement the moron is a budding terrorist whom openly wants to eliminate entire races.


Trumps latest plot to instill terror into the people

Donald Trump wants to track and publicly humiliate and identify Muslim Americans in a database, giving them “a special form of identification that noted their religion”, Yahoo news reported on Thursday in an interview with the Republican presidential candidate.

Trump got this idea from no other than Adolf Hitler, an apparent hero of his, who made Jewish people wear yellow ID badges to identify themselves during the Holocaust.

Trump got his inspiration from this badge Hitler made Jews wear

Trump got his inspiration from this badge Hitler made Jews wear


“We’re going to have to do things that were frankly unthinkable a year ago” Trump told Yahoo.


Trump also told Yahoo that he wanted police to have the power to raid homes and work places of Muslims, and conduct intimate searches on the spot without a warrant, this power would include mandatory government CCTV to be installed in all Mosques.

Quite frankly we at The International are not going to humour this terrorist any more by continuing with this article.