Zukenberg’s Facebook continues to be fined in Belgium for tracking non-users

  • By Esteban Aguas




Belgium courts gave Mark Zukenberg’s Facebook it’s final warnings last month to stop spying on the activities of non users, the company refused and is now subject to substantial daily fines, that do not seem to worry Zukenberg in the slightest.

For more than five years now, and in every single country on earth every time an internet user views any content related to produced for or by a Facebook user, page or advert (whether they know that the content is related to Facebook or not) Zukenberg’s firm install software onto your computer with out you knowing called “Tracker Cookies”. 

Your internet and computer activity is then monitored, recorded and uploaded back to Facebook in worrying levels of details. Whilst we are not suggesting that Facebook goes this far in any way and have no proof to suggest it, it is entirely possible for the developers of such software to access key logs of everything you have ever typed into your device as well as gaining total access to you device and identity. For the most party Facebook claims it uses this software to learn about the person’s identity, habits, likes, preferences, hobbies, shopping patterns, internet search history, music and movie tastes and location history in order to create a more tailored service on Facebook, but if this were true, then why does it track non-users??

Facebook has a history of handing over personal details to the US government on request, leaving many to believe that Zukenberg  is nothing more than an overpaid US spy.

Belgium has issues a 250’000 Euro per day fine against Facebook until they stop spying on it’s citizens who do not have Facebook accounts. However, compared to the figures Zukenberg is used to dealing in this is such a nominal amount it has had no effect. Zukenberg simply stating he will drag it through the Belgium courts of appeal, in what is likely to be a long process at the tax payers’ expense.

In a 2015 poll by The International, Mark Zukenberg was voted the second most hated man in the world only loosing out to Benyamin Netanyahu.

What you have to understand is everything you put on Facebook is no longer yours, your identity, your images, your comments you ‘private’ messages, they are now all public, free for all and owned by the government and who ever else wishes to take them. You might was well post copies of your bank details and passport to every house hold, business and government in the world.

Facebook’s ‘privacy’ settings are quite frankly a joke, no more difficult to circumnavigate for a hacker than a 2 foot garden wall is likely to put off an armed robber from your house. That doesn’t really matter when Zukenberg hands your data over to the US government freely and sells it on to companies or any individual willing to pay for a profit.

Zukenberg likes to tell the world that Facebook is growing and more and more accounts are being opened everyday.

A recent investigation by The International showed that a percentage of these ‘new accounts’ are not real, they are marketing companies creating false accounts in order to sell ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ to celebrities and organisations.

The real number of users may actually be falling. The International’s study maybe dismissed as unrepresentative for looking at approximately only 14 million accounts out of over 1 billion.