The Sun newspaper banned from work places across London

  • By George Flannery

You may remember in April this year an online petition calling on the Sun to sack Katie Hopkins as a columnist gathered more than 200,000 signatures in just a few days after she said gunships should be used to stop migrants crossing the Mediterranean and comparing refugees fleeing war zones to cockroaches, prompting more than 100 instantaneous complaints to the press regulator.

Well this time it looks like the Sun has gone too far one too many times in it’s right wing verbal diarrhoea that it poorly attempts to disguise as news.

Front page headlines “1 in 5 British Muslims sympathise with jihadists” as quote that is not only racist and full of inaccurate terminology but a made up unfounded lie from a non existing source.

Public backlash from all ethnicities and  faiths against the Sun has lead to several London businesses banning staff and clients from reading the ‘news’ paper on their premises. One co-director of a Central London consultancy firm tells The International:

“It’s offensive, sexist, non-factual and racist on a daily basis and not worthy of being called toilet tissue. If a member of my staff was to read such abhorrent feces in the work place I would seriously have to consider whether they were fit for the job. London is an accepting multicultural metropolis and racism, sexism and false news have no part to play in our society.”

The Sun remains the UK’s most read news paper with between 3 and 5.6 million reader per day.

Today on Twitter the hash tag #DontBuyTheSun has been trending all day with twitter users uploading images and videos of themselves throwing free copies of the paper in the bin.