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Cameron invades Syria
  • By Emily Delcamp

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The UK parliament has voted for war in Syria


In a move that has eerie resemblance to Blair‘s illegal invasion against Iraq in 2003, the UK PM, David Cameron is on the war mongering rampage yet again. Despite being slapped down in parliament only last year, Cameron forced yet another revote in parliament all but voting for the opposition in order to ‘legally’ attack Syria. The word legally is being used rather liberally by Cameron, technically the only Nation operating legally in Syria is Russia, who have been invited by request of the elected government. The fact that the same elected government of Syria has specifically asked other nations not to attack means that Cameron’s war is, yes you guessed it illegal under international law, although now technically legal under British law, which has no jurisdiction in Syria.

There has been a very loud voice of concern from the public in London here tonight with many worried that yet another illegal war in the Middle East is precisely the type of ‘foreign policy’ which attracts terror attacks here on the streets of Britain. Syria makes it the 5th illegal British war in a Muslim country in the last 20 years (counting multiple invasions of Iraq only once). Although Daish Al-Dawla most certainly do not represent Islam or Muslims in any way what so ever, this latest misguided war will inevitably assist to radicalise the disillusioned and destroy what little remains of British credibility in the international community.

Cameron insists that removing Daish is only 50% of the war’s mission, the other intent being to remove the legal and elected government of Syria in yet another illegal regime change. The war  Iraq has so far killed well in excess of 1’000’000 civilians with civilian casualties in Syria only predicted to rise now another uninvited party is becoming involved. This is in the wake of Obama sending in ground troops last week.

The announcement of war from Cameron is somewhat pointless as Britain has been operating drone strikes against the Syrian government and other targets for over a year now, controversially targeting British citizens in several strikes.

After more than 10 hours of tense debate, MPs voted in favour of manned air strikes, by 397 to 223. British Tornado GR4 bombers could leave an air base in Cyprus within the hour.

Russian President Putin was quoted by the BBC as commenting on the vote: “Every little help” the emphasis on little.

It is seen by many in Russia that by comparison to the scale of their legal and invited military action of the Russian military Britain’s actions are nothing more than a mere gesture, a gesture that endangers civilians both in Syria and at home in Britain with little hope of any significant impact on the situation in Syria.

One Londoner whom is in a crowd outside parliament awaiting the verdict tells The International: “We go around bombing other coutries and then wonder why we are the target of attacks.”

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