Etna’s volcanic eruption blacks out the sky over Sicily

  • By Libero Dutti
  • Main image by Marco Restivo | Barcroft Media

The great looming presence of Mount Etna, Europe’s highest volcano exploded in a majestic, beautiful yet deadly show in Sicily today. The eruption threw out vast quantities of ash and lava, blacking out the Mediterranean sky above. Remarkable sights of lightning bolts entwining around bellowing ash clouds rising from a fiery inferno could be seen set against the blacked out sky.

It has been two years since Etna last cleared her throat, this latest splutter was predicted correctly by volcanologists due to activity inside the Voragine crater in recent weeks.

The volcano, which stands nearly 11,000-feet tall and boasts five craters, has a long, documented history, the ancient Romans writing about the natural behemoth, which has been active for several thousand years.

Although Etna is one of only 16 decade volcanoes (particularly large and deadly) in the world, modern predictions and evacuation measures mean eruption such as the 1669 eruption that wiped out 10 entire towns, killing tens of thousands of people are no longer a common problem although the volcano continues to erupt roughly once per year.