Woman loses home in legal battle over a ‘lunatic’ horse

  • By Mustafa Olama

The new owner of a pony she claimed was a “raving lunatic” and dangerous has lost her 4 year legal battle and must now pay £140’000 in costs

Lisa Walton bought Pirums Figaro from Shan Allman, of Colwinston, Vale of Glamorgan, for £18,000 in May 2011.

Soon after purchase Walton said the animal was “dangerous” and attempted to claim her money back from Allman.

After unsuccessfully suing Allman, the High Court ordered Mrs Walton, of Doncaster, to pay the former owner’s “substantial” legal bill.

Allman refused to take the pony back or return the cash, saying she had honestly described the pony’s character before selling him, claiming that he had never displayed any “vicious behaviour” while her own young daughter, Bethan, was looking after him.

Mr Justice Snowden’s ruling means Walton’s farm has been effectively mortgaged to Allman who can, if she wishes, seek an order for the property’s sale. In essence Allman now owns Walton’s farm with a guaranteed asset share of £140’000 which Allman may cash out on demand.

Snowden added that Allman had “already incurred very substantial costs” but “Mr and Mrs Walton had not made any effort” to pay them.

After the hearing, Mrs Allman, who released footage of her daughter Bethan riding Figaro, said “The original case that she brought against me concerning the sale of the horse was absolute nonsense and should never have gone to court in the first place. I made a number of offers that she turned down which I think she is probably regretting now. I’m absolutely relieved that the case has come to an end and I’ve got security against my legal bills.”