Terror attack | London | Leytonstone tube station

  • By Mehmet Aladdin Culibrk

Three hours ago at 19:06 London Metropolitan Police confirmed they are investigating a terrorist attack at Leytonstone tube station in east London

Witnesses who saw or filmed the incident are required to share this information with the authorities, this follows early reports that a failed London ‘rapper’ by the name of ‘BigTobzsf’ attempted to extort the media and police for £100’000 and a record deal in return for the poor quality footage of him shouting at the attacker, only once he had been shot by Taser multiple times and securely restrained on the floor by counter terror officers however. His attempts were unsuccessful.

The attacker who seemingly acted alone carried a “thin 3inch blade” and threatened multiple members of the public before repeatedly stabbing and seriously injuring one 56 year old man and causing stab wounds to two more members of the public.

A man, 29, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and terror related charges whilst a residential address in London is being searched. Police who are holding the suspect in an East-London custody unit are investigating whether or not the man was acting alone, was known previously to authorities or was suffering from mental health issues.

It is reported by several witnesses that the man claimed his attack was in direct retaliation to David Cameron’s recent bombing campaign against Syria.

The 56-year-old victim is believed to be in a serious but stable condition in hospital. A second man and a woman received minor injuries, although the extent of the female victim’s injuries are not yet verified, it may be that she was threatened but not physically harmed and some eye witnesses are suggesting.

Police shot the suspect multiple times with a Taser, the suspect managed to resist the effects of the all but the final shot which caused him to collapse and drop his weapon.

British Transport Police said in the wake of the attack it had increased its patrols and visibility around stations, while counter terror specialist units from the Met police investigate the incident closely.

“More uniformed and plain clothes officers have also been deployed, supported by armed officers, CCTV cameras and police dogs” it said.

Local residents explained how they felt anxious about the possibilities of using the Tube tomorrow and would be considering other routes. However, they said they wanted to stand defiant against terrorism and get back to normal daily life as quickly as possible.

Downing Street said it was monitoring the situation closely.

Fellow passengers reportedly shouted at the man to drop his weapon and one person shouted “You ain’t no Muslim brov” a sentiment that has been picked up on social media by people trying to disown and sideline the attacker.

As police took the suspect out of the station members of the public began to throw projectiles at him and shouting at the suspect. When one member of the public attempted to hit the attacker with a glass bottle Met Police were quick to step in shouting “Back off” and shoved the spectator into the back of a police van. Immediately at the scene inside the station as soon as the attacker was subdued members of the public had to be strongly told to stay back as several approached the injured suspect on the floor to shout abuse and attempt to throw projectiles at him.

Commander Richard Walton, of the counter terrorism unit said: “I am aware that there were a number of members of the public in the underground station who filmed the suspect on their mobile phones during and after the attack and I would urge them to come forward and speak to us and share with us the filming that they carried out. I would continue to urge the public to remain calm, but alert and vigilant. The threat from terrorism remains at severe, which means that a terrorist attack is highly likely.”

Witnesses described the knife as “unprofessional, similar to a flimsy hobby knife about 3inches in length”

Roy Ramm, a former Met Police commander, said the attack appeared to be “random” and was “not like the Lee Rigby attack on a soldier”. He said the knifeman “did not appear to have an exit strategy.”

Leytonstone Islamic Association released a statement in which it strongly condemned any sort of violence. The local Muslim population, and the wider population across London have come out in force already to condone all forms of violence.

One Muslim political figure speaking our side Parliament, whom has chosen not to be named commented: “If we are upset or affected by the UK’s foreign policy. If we have lost family members as a direct result of civilian casualties from the wars. We must never, stress, never stoop to violence and terror. Islam is a religion of education, learning and victory through sabr (patience) and resolve. When Muhammad (saws) returned to Mecca, it was done peacefully and he (saws) sought no revenge. If you want to fight foreign policy do so legally, through education, take legal action, sign petitions, write educated, well articulated letters in a non threatening manner. Let those who bring war and death to our lands from all sides see we are a peaceful, civilized and educated people. It is a Hadith that he who has killed one man in anger has killed all humanity. For every struggle there comes relief.”