British Muslim political figure issues rare statement regarding terrorism

  • By Geoffrey Sanders

Choosing not to be named, a secretive and elusive British Musilm political figure whom has spent several years campaigning issues such as corruption, abuse of powers, homelessness, poverty, the importance of free or affordable education as well as legal system reforms has come out for the first time ever with a direct public statement about terrorism.

The statement was released just 150 minutes after news of the Leytonstone Station Terror Attack went public and is the first time the political figure has directly confronted the issue of terrorism.

“If we are upset or affected by the UK’s foreign policy. If we have lost family members as a direct result of civilian casualties from the wars. We must never, stress, never stoop to violence and terror. Islam is a religion of education, learning, peace and victory through sabr (patience) and resolve. When Muhammad (saws) returned to Mecca, it was done peacefully and he (saws) sought no revenge. If you want to fight foreign policy do so legally, through education, take legal action, sign petitions, write educated, well articulated letters in a non threatening manner. Let those who bring war and death to our lands from all sides see we are a peaceful, civilized and educated people. It is a Hadith that he who has killed one man in anger has killed all humanity. It is in the Qur’an: “Fa inna ma’al usri yusra, inna ma’al usri yusra” For every struggle there comes relief.”

Speaking to The International outside of Parliament, when asked:

“It was published recently that 80% of all Muslims in Britain have been subject to a physical and violent racial attack. What would you say to British Muslims who are living in fear of racially motivated attacks?”

“Islam is about education, the faith has not spread through forced reversions (conversions), invasions and warfare such as the behaviour of the Crusaders from the past. Fear and intolerance is born purely from lack of understanding and education, those committing terror attacks, and I include racially motivated attacks against Muslims when I say terror attacks, lack understanding and education. It is ignorance that needs to be lifted. Charities such as Muslim Hands and many others across the country hold inter cultural events where both Muslims and non-Muslims have the opportunity to ask questions, interact, educate and learn. Unfortunately some of these events have been victim to attacks from radical right-wing groups such as the EDL and BNP in the past, but this is why education and cultural understanding is so important, today in a world of globalization more than ever. We have to understand that there is no ‘us’ and ‘them’ we are humanity. Humanity has struggles to overcome, without fighting caused by ignorance. As the Qur’an says “La a’budu ma ta’budun. Wa la ‘antum ‘abiduna ma a’bud. Wa la ‘ana ‘abidumma ‘abattum. Wa la ‘antum ‘abiduna ma a’bud. Lakum dinukum waliya din.” [Reporter’s apologies for transliteration mistakes] I worship not that which you worship, nor you worship that which I worship. I will not worship that which you have worshiped, nor must you worship that which I worship. To you be your way, and to me be mine”. Diversity makes humanity beautiful, we do not need to ‘convert’ each other to one way of thinking and believing or the other, but we do need to understand and respect each other. We need to be less afraid to ask questions of both our selves, neighbours and government, so long as it is done in a peaceful, articulate and educated manner without hostilities or aggression.”

I realise I have not directly answered your question. In short be vigilant, but don’t be afraid, live your life as normally as possible. If you have no inter-cultural events in your local area write to your MP and encourage your friends and families to do the same. Send one letter each, rather than one letter with multiple signatures. Persistence pays off, if you are unsuccessful keep writing. Education and cultural understanding is the only way to eliminate ignorance, and it is ignorance which causes fear and hatred.”