Donald Trump’s racist remarks cost the USA yet another powerful trading partner

Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim, ranked the richest person with a fortune of $73 billion, says that workers in developed countries reach their prime at 60.
  • By Hernesto Notario


Trump’s racist remarks cost the USA yet another powerful trading partner

The world’s richest man, Mexican Carlos Slim, after feeling racially abused by Donald Trump’s far right hate speeches has lashed out where all Americans will feel it, the economy.

NBC removed Trump’s “Miss USA” televised contest from their programming, following in the footsteps of Spanish language broadcaster, Univision, who said they would not be airing any of Trump’s shows.

Recently several large companies and political figures have cancelled deals worth millions with the USA in retaliation to Trump being allowed to continue with out being imprisoned for hate crimes and inciting violence. One British Muslim politician responded to The International: “If this was somebody from a different nation saying these things and making these plans against American citizens, they would have been imprisoned for planning and inciting terrorism a long time ago.”

Carlos Slim, who’s television network also banned Trump’s shows recently, has also canceled a business project with Trump said to be worth many millions. The project was set to involve Ora TV, the network co-founded between Slim and Larry King, funded by Slim’s America Movil. The Ora TV project had already racked up costs during the past several months of planning and development.

Ora TV released an official statement:

“Trump is totally out of line, working with someone so closed-minded was not going to work.”

This follows open condemnation from US allies and trading partners; Saudi Arabia and Israel whilst the UK has amassed an official government petition with well over half a million signatures to ban Trump from ever entering the UK.