Prince of Saudi Arabia rips Donand Trump to pieces on twitter

  • By Raymond Kelly

Donald Trump laid the foundations for his own demise taking America’s reputation and trading partners with him

In an official UK Government petition to have Donald Trump permanently banned from the UK, which The International has published repeatedly over the last few days, the number of legal signatures has greatly surpassed the half a million mark. (Sign the petition)

Donald trump has frequently made deeply fascist remarks arguably amounting to eugenic calls for genocide against multiple ethnic, religious and cultural groups in particular Mexicans and Muslims.

Today that level of abhorant stupidity cost the USA dearly interms of international relations. Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal Al-Saud a Saudi Arabian Prince, hit out at Trump directly via twitter.

“You are a disgrace not only to the GOP [Grand Old Party, another name for the Repulicans] but to all America.” Prince Alwaleed, the chairman of Kingdom Holding, said on his Twitter account.

“Withdraw from the U.S presidential race as you will never win.”

Trump replied by vowing to cut trading ties with Saudi Arabia if he is elected, or as Trump called it “daddy’s money”. The US economy in reality would not be viable without Saudi Arabian trade.

Worryingly, despite world wide condemnation, multiple bans from governments around the world and frequently being called more radical that Netanyahu and Hitler domestic support in the US for Trump continues to rise. Even Netanyahu disowned Trump earlier this week, trying desperately to deny any ties to Donald Trump, his ideology or his GO Party. With USA risking the loss of Israel and Saudi Arabia as allies and trading partners all thanks to Trump, surely Americans can’t be stupid and radical enough to elect this monster.

Trump has followed up his mass condemnation with so called “facts” about USA allies around the world, all proving to be false. Trump told the American public that the UK is entirely Muslim and totally radicalized, claiming that the Queen of England is physically forced to wear a hijab.