Terror attacks in Corsica

  • By Stefano Guttusu

White Supremacist extremists defy police blockades as they attack people, schools and buildings


The French island of Corsica looked as though it had fallen under the power of white supremacist terrorists on Sunday, in violation of the ban on demonstrations imposed in the regional capital of Ajaccio after two days of anti-Muslim, anti-Arab and anti-non-white violent terror attacks left many injured and schools, homes and public buildings burned to the ground.

The protesters attempted to make their way to the Jardins de l’Empereur neighborhood, which was the epicenter of the protests on Friday and Saturday, and of the Christmas Eve clash in which several firefighters and police officers were injured.

However, the riot police erected a fence at the entrance to the low-income neighborhood, where the majority of residents are immigrants, and prevented the crowd from getting inside.

The demonstrators carried the Corsican flag, ironically depicting a non-Caucasian face and shouted violent threats and terrorist slogans.

According to the Corsican authorities they are now looking for over 300 far-right terrorists on the island.

Mosques and schools which non-Caucasians attended were stoned and burned, piles of Qur’ans and prayer beads were burned and vandalised. One street outside a faith centre had it’s road lined with destroyed Qur’ans.

The terrorists made their way to a housing estate populated mainly by Muslim residents, both migrant, French and Corsican. Whilst attempting to trap the residents inside the tower building and burn them all alive, Corsican riot police pushed the crowd back and formed an impenetrable cordon around the building.

Journalists were also targeted by the extremists, a Ruptly producer as his laptop was snatched by the crowds, who didn’t like some of the footage he shot during the day.

“I contacted the organizers of the attacks and the computer was returned to me in 20 minutes.” Kukushkin said, adding that when he got his laptop back the SD-card was destroyed and there had been attempts to delete the editing program.

The police did not react to attacks on journalist.

Earlier, Corsica’s administrator, Christophe Mirmand, announced a ban on all protests and gatherings at Jardins de l’Empereur until at least 4th January 2016.

The attackers called themselves ‘protesters and rioters’ yet on the ground this was far from a protest or riot. The events here in Corsica over the Christmas period can only be described as terror attacks, clear attempts to take the lives of massive numbers of civilians and to directly disobey and cause conflict with the French government have been made on multiple occasions.

The French authorities do not seem to be in control of the island at present, the extremists move freely and in direct violation of a ban on public gatherings.