London bus-stops embrace e-paper

  • By Shirin Farahmand

Transport For London

London bus stops have long had detailed and accurate display screens, supported by SMS, QR and NFC compatibility as well as the smart phone apps so Londoner’s can continue to move around the city with surgical accuracy and precision.

 london bus times

Transport for London is now adding to this system by trialing e-paper bus stops that can display real-time travel information in an ever changing live paper format.

Fitted with solar-powered panels, the self powering panels show how long passengers have to wait for the next buses, as well as route maps and timetables.

e paper bus stops london

The e-paper’s advantage is that it will be available for even the smaller un-sheltered bus stops across the capital. Where physically the traditional black and orange screens would have been too large to fit.

Experience has shown that across the city of London public information screens such as this are deemed as invaluable by the public and rates of vandalism are remarkably low.