83% rise per year in disciplinary action for Britain’s most corrupt police force

Support for the police in Britain is at a record breaking all time low according to recent polls.
  • By Samuel Regent


The rise in disciplinary action is dwarfed by the rise in complaints

Staffordshire police have been on the radar of most human rights watch NGOs for almost a decade now, yet with the police force insisting it is independent to investigate complaints against it internally by pretending that the Staffordshire police internal affairs are an independent part of the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) there seems to be little hope of change in the rotten organised gang in black.


The number of official disciplinary actions taken against the force by the IPCC including criminal charges and dismissals rose by 83% over 2015.

PC Adam Rushton, was kicked out of the force days before being handed a three-year jail term for repeatedly going AWOL to meet women. Rushton found guilty of misconduct in a public office and data protection breachs. His vulgar and horrific actions labeled only “misdemeanours” included ‘socially’ meeting up with a 17-year-old crime victim while on duty and twice sneaking off-duty to have oral sex with another woman he met online.

Other complaints against Detective Constables  involve the use of threats, blackmail and violence to obtain sexual favour and dates with female victims and witnesses.

This comes at a sensitive time as the nation is still in shock after recent revelations regarding under cover officers having secret relations and even children with suspects and witnesses.

DCC Baker speaking on behalf of the force told The International that in the past 12 months over 1’000 individual police officers on the grossly over-sized force for the small towns they patrol were formally cautioned over their on-duty behavior. However a DCI speaking to an undercover reporter commented on this:

“We look after our own if you know what I mean. These complaints won’t go far.”

Many private companies in the capital, London, for years now have no longer recognised any criminal conviction against their current or future employees if that conviction was handed down in the county of Staffordshire. One business owner in Golders Green who employs 206 members of staff explains:

“It is such a widely known fact that they are one of the most corrupt forces in the EU. Why should we ruin hard working innocent people’s careers and lives because some corrupt cop with nothing better to do had some fun at their expense. We have ignored all criminal convictions from the county of Staffordshire for a long time and will continue to do so.”