David Attenborough introduced the newly discovered largest creature to ever live

  • By Maxim Philippe


A new Species of Titanosaur has been discovered, it is believed to be the largest creature to have ever lived

Sir David Attenborough, pictured next to the thigh bone of the new species has attended the dig site of the new ground braking discovery.

New discoveries about dinosaurs such as their feathers have come relatively thick and fast over recent years and this could be another big shake up in our understand of our ancient earth.

Sir Attenborough arrived at the site once just over two thirds of the dig had been uncovered. A site of this magnitude take an incredible amount of time and car to excavate.

It was at this stage that the team were able to tell that they were looking at an entirely new species of Titanosaur. Nature rarely provides living creatures with an over compensation in bone density, as such by looking at the size and density of the bones and muscle markings upon them, the team were able to calculate a fairly accurate estimate weight for the newly discovered creature… a staggering 75 tons!

The team now have the long and difficult  task of figuring out why this species grew to such a size, how large other individuals may have been, what they ate, how they lived and why they died out.

Sauropods started on earth as comparatively small creatures with thigh bones much smaller than that of a modern human, as the millennia pasted, they grew in size to the infamous dinosaurs we are all very familiar with, the need and ability to do so, to this newly discovered extreme, where the thigh bone alone is significantly larger than a fully grown man, is something the teams involved will now be looking at closely.

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Viewers in the UK can watch Attenborough And The Giant Dinosaur on BBC One on Sunday 24th January at 18:30 GMT, of afterwards on the BBC iPlayer.