USA | San Diego Hospital shooting was false alarm

  • By Vic Glass


A shooting at a Naval Medical Centre in San Diego appears to have been a false alarm

Reports of a potential triple shooting at Naval Medical Center San Diego appear to have been a false alarm, the US-military indicated on today.

Navy Captain, Curt Jones explained how investigators have found nothing to substantiate the call which claimed that someone had fired three gunshots this morning at the San Diego facility’s Building 26, which contains barracks, a gym and administrative offices.

Authorities at the center’s 78 acre campus ended a shelter in place order at 13:45 local times with patient care and access resuming thereafter.

An investigation “determined that no evidence could be found of shots fired and there were no casualties.” was the line the Navy’s spokesman calmly stated repeatedly. “The intensive and thorough search of Building 26, as well as the grounds and additional buildings on the grounds of NMCSD, did not reveal anything unusual after the initial witness report was made.”

The witness reported hearing three gunshots in the basement of a building separate from the main hospital complex on campus at around 08:00 local times Navy spokesman Kevin Dixon said.

That prompted a flurry of law enforcement activity, with military and local police searching the building as other officers took up positions nearby, directing pedestrians and cars away from the building in question. The Navy stated that given the recent increase in shootings not only across the USA but internationally all reports of any shots being fired in public must continue to be met with a swift and serious response.

The center used social media to announce “all occupants are advised to run, hide or fight.” a quite frankly ridiculous call that only ensured to stoke fear, panic, disorder and terror in the facility compound. The only terror caused today was caused by this ridiculous statement.

Local restaurants and schools also went into a state of lockdown or simply failed to open as usual. A local police officer explained that they were not instructed to do so but the reports on social media has spread terror through out the area.

It is still unclear what the ‘gun-shot’ sounds actually were as the witness is currently not being investigated as a hoax, which is of course a criminal offence.