Human to human Zika confirmed as the virus reaches the USA

  • By Sharafat Bajrami


Zika Virus evolves to infect through bodily fluids


The Zika virus which has devistated the vast majority of South and Central America has been confirmed in North America following an outbreak in Texas USA.

The virus which has been known of since 1947 is transmitted through the Aedes mosquito found commonly through out the Americas.

Zika causes devistating birth defects including underdevelopment of the brain, miss shaped and under sized heads.

Over the recent weeks a number of cases in the heavily affected South American nations have indicated a new, human to human infection through bodily fluids including transmission via sexual intercourse. However the United States largely ignored this until it’s own state of Texas was confirmed by the CDC to have a case of sexually transmitted Zika.

As a result of the new forms of transmission and the infection reaching the USA, the CDC has advised all intimate contact with persons returning from infected countries to be withheld until they are given the all clear by medical professionals.

It is now feared by many world leaders that Zika will now reach Europe due to the close relationship and heavy travel between the European and American nations.  Southern Europe does also have an abundance of Aedes mosquitoes.

Researchers feared even before the recent mutation that a vaccine for Zika could be 10 years away, the virus which has no cure, vaccine or treatment is already expected to infect over 4 million this year alone.

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