The art exhibition 15 meters under the sea

  • By Aminah Khan


The underwater art gallery turned museum

under art 3

Museo Atlantico, has been built 15 meters under the sea off the coast of the Spanish Canary Island, Lanzarote. British artist Jason de Caires Taylor has created a series of circa 300 statues based on the diversity of the current inhabitants of the island with many being direct casts of local people. The statues show the inhabitants undertaking everyday tasks and activities.

The eco-friendly concrete statues are expected to last approximately 300 years.

de Caires Taylor has been producing underwater artworks since 2006. These figures standing on the seabed are aimed primarily at helping to raise awareness of global warming and rising sea levels.

Visitors will be able to use diving equipment to take surreal and eerie tours of the exhibition that will in time naturally evolve into a museum of the island’s culture.

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