Police kill man in public after being called to assist him

  • By Rafiq Ahmed


Llanelli in South Wales

Llanelli in South Wales

A man has died after being repeatedly shot with tasers by the police after they had initially been called out to help the man in mental “distress” 

Officers from the Dyfed Powys Heddlu force were called to an incident in Llanelli early this morning.

In a statement, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said: “Officers attended and, during engagement with the man, it is understood a Taser was discharged. The man became unresponsive and was subsequently pronounced dead. The IPCC has begun an independent investigation.”

Heddlu/Police were called by a member of the public who had become concerned about the welfare of the man who appeared to be injured and in a state of mental distress.

A spokeswoman for the force said: “Dyfed-Powys Police were called to an incident in Llanelli relating to the behaviour and welfare of a man. A man subsequently died. A full investigation has commenced and Dyfed-Powys Police referred the matter to the IPCC, who will now conduct an internal investigation. We are fully co-operating with them. Our thoughts are with the family of the man.”

The police have refused to clarify why the police pulled out the weapon or even the time or location of the incident. However a spokesperson for West Wales and Central ambulance said they were called to the town late yesterday evening/early hours this morning.

Despite the silence from the police, The International have seen many viral videos of the incident recorded on smart phone by members of the public. These videos can not be released here as they may form part of a live investigation, and have yet to be verified. The videos however seem to show an agitated man asking people around him to leave him alone and to stop following him. After being shot with a police taser at very close range to the chest, the man seems unaffected. Although not clear in the visuals of the videos a police officer shouts that the man has produced a knife. Subsequently several other officers run at the man all firing their tasers. Although not entirely clear in the videos which are yet to be verified, it appears the man was even shot whilst on the floor unresponsive.

Tasers which fire metal projectiles into the flesh whilst administering a massive electric shock have been known to kill in many cases globally.