London youth rise up against Police

  • By Daniel Martin

A spate of shocking reprisals against the London Metropolitan Police at the hands of school children has spread though the UK capital

In the latest of a recent surge of teenage anti police sentiment an undercover officer was stabbed in the street by teenagers. 


A 17 year old boy has been held and questioned on suspicion of attempted murder after an undercover police officer was stabbed during covert operations in east London.

The officer required major surgery after being stabbed three times in the stomach with a hospital spokesman describing his condition now as serious but no longer life threatening.

The attack on the Specialist Crime and Operations Unit officer is thought to have occurred in an alleyway next to the Bow Bells pub in Bow at around 21:22 on Tuesday the 22nd of November 2016.  It is believed a small group of teenagers were involved in the attack.

Scotland Yard said in a statement that the assailants included three boys and a girl in their late teens. Police think that the group have also been involved in a similar attack outside the Devons Road DLR tube station where a motorist managed to escape unharmed.

A member of staff from the pub said he saw four children dive out of the alley and flee on foot past him down the busy high street.

“Two young kids and one girl ran past, then a fourth guy came after them. They were all very young, aged  under 15, they ran off towards McDonald’s. Then the police came past in, and I’m not exaggerating, no more than ten seconds.”

Temporary Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Richard Martin of the SCOU confirmed that the undercover officer’s investigations were not terror related.

Surrounding streets were rapidly sealed off to both pedestrians and traffic as helicopters, canine units and manhunt units searched for the suspects. A knife was recovered and is currently undergoing forensic analysis and a teenage male was arrested and detained into custody.

The injured officer was described as a well built middle aged male with significant tattoos.

Local onlooker Saleh Ahmed, 45, was travelling home when he saw what he described as chaos:

“There was a massive manhunt, I haven’t seen anything like it. Helicopters, dogs, everything, it was chaos.” 

Locals said that the alley in which the attack took place is well known locally as a drug dealin hot spot, subject to numerous complaints to the police the alley is between private apartments and a primary school.

Child hate crimes against the Police on the rise

The stabbing of the SCOU Officer comes only days after a group of more than 30 school children in East London between Lewisham and New Cross, beat and hospitalised a group of Police officers.

The officers were forced to the ground and repeatedly punched and kicked in the face and head with one officer described as receiving serious injuries.

The mob beating of the officers was said to be in retaliation over excessive force and racism by one of the officers who tried to forcibly stops and search one of the children in the street.

British police have been condemned by Human Rights watchdogs numerous times for corruption and brutality most recently for the way they strip search children and use excessive and illegal violence against civilians.

The UK has the world’s highest rate of wrongful convictions with the prison and justice system making a significant financial profit for both the government and the private companies who run significant parts of the system.

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