Severed heads found in secret mass grave

  • By Heyami Alghatta

9 Severed Heads and 32 Bodies have been unearthed beneath a camp

Guerrero state, Mexico, an area often associated with ‘outlaw camps’, kidnappings, extortion and drugs has unveiled a gruesome hidden stash of horrors.

The discovery was made by soldiers and police after the authorities received a tip-off that people were being held captive at the camp.

A patrol went to investigate resulting in a kidnapped male being successfully rescued from the then abandoned camp. Only days after the police raid on the camp Mexican officials announced that the excavations of the site at the base of a mountain in the municipality of Zitlala, Guerrero, had discovered the remains of 32 people, 31 males and one female, there was also the discovery of 9 decapitated heads.

Seventeen grave pits were excavated with some bodies discovered in coolers.

Residents of near by Tixtla soon after found a further 9 decapitated bodies close to a highway.


Tixtla, Guerrero, Mexico

 Prosecutors are investigating weather the bodies found in Tixtla correspond to the heads found in near by Zitlala.

Spokesman for the Guerero Co-ordinating Group said soldiers were looking for more hidden graves in the area. Investigators are currently trying to identify the victims and their killers.

Drug cartels frequently decapitate their victims. No arrests have yet been made. There are no official suspects and no one was in the camp when it was discovered, although gun magazines and vehicles were found.

Guerrero, mainly a rural, relatively impoverished state in the South-West of Mexico has seen an upsurge in gang violence, with 1’832 officially reported murders in the first 10 months of 2016. The state also remains a significant producer of opium.

The Mexican Government claims to be stepping up joint police-army patrols and Guerrero Govenor, Hector Astudillo said the state experienced a “Spike in violence” last weekend, with at least 26 murders and one mass kidnapping.

26 Murders and one mass kidnapping in the state of Guerrero over the weekend

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