Mass exodus of thirtysomethings out of London

  • By Houman Zarei

House prices drive out record numbers of thirtysomethings

The exodus of people in their thirties out of London in search of cheaper property or more living space is accelerating at an all time record level according to new figures.

in 2015 66’000 people in their thirties fled the capital to other parts of the UK as financial refugees, analysis of official data by real estate agents Savills has found.

66’000 financial refugees in their thirties fled London in 2015

The figures in 2009 showed an annual exodus of 51’000 thirtysomethings from the capital. Between 2009 and 2015, the average house price in London has risen by a staggering 85%.

House prices rose 85% in 6 years. 

Lucian Cook of Savills’ commented:

“We are seeing a major migration of London housing wealth into other markets.”

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