Hundreds of British police facing sexual abuse and exploitation charges

Support for the police in Britain is at a record breaking all time low according to recent polls.
  • By Amanda May

New low as record levels of sexual abuse recorded against Europe’s most corrupt police

More than 400 victims of sexual abuse and exploitation at the hands of the British police have come forwards since 2015.

The victims include vulnerable persons, victims of crimes, suspects in crimes, political activists and general members of the public. This comes only weeks after British police were found to have abused powers when forcibly strip searching children. Earlier in 2016 the Court of Human Rights also condemned the British police for unacceptable levels of violence and corruption.

A condemning report by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) describes the current state of British policing as in: 

“The most serious form of corruption”.

The watchdog, which was asked to investigate the problem earlier this year by the now PM, then Home Secretary Theresa May, also rebuked forces over their lack of efforts to root out cases. A massive and wide spread motion of covering up and burying was found even if this required falsifying statements or evidence.

HM Inspector Mike Cunningham relays:

“It is at least possible, probably likely, that the problem is more serious than the numbers that have been reported back to us. It’s the most serious form of corruption. It is an exploitation of power where the guardian becomes an abuser. What can be worse than a guardian abusing the trust and confidence of an abused person? There can be no greater violation of public trust.”

In total Police in England since March 2015, 436 Police have been formally investigated for sexual abuse and exploitative sexual corruption.

The investigations include 306 Police Officers and 20 PCSOs with the remaining figures relating to Police with other titles including more senior figures in the Police forces.

The corruption has affected every single police force in both England and Wales with one exception the report highlight.

A staggering 39% of sexual abuse cases against  officers involved the victims of domestic or sexual abuse.

Suspects of crimes made the second largest denomination of those sexually abused by the Police.

The mentally ill and those with drug or alcohol problems made up the third and fourth largest demographic of abuse victims respectively.

The HMIC report warns that most forces in the UK refuse to accept that this type of sexual abuse and exploitation should be recorded as corruption.

The report also found that only 48% of all reported cases are ever actually recorded and referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), something the law requires.

The report also highlighted massive concern over the failure to fire, prosecute or arrest the officers found guilty of such abuse and exploitative corruption. The overwhelming majority of whom still work the same positions today at the expense of tax payers’ money.

Cunningham added:

“Forces need to become far more proactive in rooting out this most serious form of corruption”.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said the report findings were “shocking” whilst Mark Castle, CEO of Victim Support, described the findings as “deeply concerning”.

Stephen Watson, National Police Chief’s Council lead for counter-corruption commented:

“We are in the process of developing a national strategy to raise the standards of all forces in preventing this form of abuse.”

 The International Press and Media Group shadowed two such victims trying to report such abuse by two separate British Police forces in England.

Both were called liars and turned away multiple times. Only with the resilient perseverance over the space of several months of daily complaints were their statements even taken.

One was told he would not be allowed to continue the process as it was not in the public interest to do so.

The other a 21 year old female was told that the Detective Constable had clearly acted “inappropriately” and would be “talked to”. She was offered no support and the DC  continues in his job without prosecution.

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