Berlin police release innocent man as manhunt begins for real attacker

  • By Saila Safwana

German police admit they had the wrong man after releasing traumatised 23 year old

In a rare public serving of humble pie Berlin police have admitted they had arrested and interrogated an innocent man over the christmas market attacks that left scores of people injured and 12 dead.

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The Berlin police stopped short of any form of apology after publicly branding the 23 year old asylum seeker from Pakistan a terrorist, arresting, holding in custody and interrogating the traumatised young man who wishes to remain as anonymous as possible.

24 victims remain in hospital, 14 said to be in a critical and life threatening condition.

The majority of those injured or killed were German citizens with at least one Italian fatality and injuries including Spanish and Israeli nationals.

Amaq News, the self proclaimed official news channel of Da’ish Al-Dawla attempted to claim responsibility for Monday evening’s deadly crash. A claim that US State Department spokesman John Kirby has rebutted.

Kirby claims that whilst there are some similarities to previous attacks in France, there are not enough similarities and there is a significant lack of evidence to suggest this was part of an organised attack by any Middle Eastern group.

Investigators in Berlin have launches a large scale manhunt for the surviving attacker after a second suspect was killed at the scene.

Investigations into the rout the Polish owned HGV took before the attack found that the driver had not taken the shortest rout, instead the HGV travelled seemingly unnecessarily around Berlin for half an hour, twice as long as the journey should have taken.

Investigators are suggesting this means that the perpetrator was an untrained HGV driver and took the time to test the vehicle and familiarise him/herself with the controls first.

The post mortem of the original Polish driver, cousin to the HGV operating company’s owner, showed that he had tried to fend off the perpetrators shortly before the crash. Further tests are required to establish an exact time of death however the victim suffered stab wounds before ultimately being shot.

There is said to be no CCTV covering the part of Berlin the attack took place, neither the market itself nor the area the vehicle was hijacked were covered by cameras. The moment the perpetrator fled the scene was not captured by CCTV or credible eye witnesses.

Berlin police have been forced to appeal to the public for anyone who took photos or videos around the time of the attack to contact them immediately.

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