Police shootout kills man on M62

  • By Aliya Malik

A man has been killed and 5 injured in a police shoot out on the M62

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In a planned operation police say has no links to terrorism, one man has been killed and five injured during a motorway shootout with the police in Huddersfield near Bradford, Yorkshire.

The man who died in a police shooting during a planned operation whilst attempting to leave the M62 has been named locally as Yassar Yaqub.

West Yorkshire Police said a police firearm was discharged at about 18:00 GMT on Monday the 2nd January 2017 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire.

A force spokesman said five people were arrested as part of the operation, including three in the M62 incident and a further two in nearby Bradford. All suspects required significant hospital treatment from injuries sustained during the arrests.

No police were injured and it is not believed any of the suspects were armed. The IPCC are investigating West Yorshire Police following the arrests. 

Police said the operation was not terrorism related. Traffic is now able to access the M62 eastbound at junction 24. All other slip roads remain closed.

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West Yorkshire Police described the incident as a “pre-planned operation” which involved a large number of police vehicles, both marked and unmarked including armed response officers.

The operation appears to have been focused around one car in particular, believed to be an Audi.

The Audi appears to have been attempting to leave the M62 at around 17:30 GMT on Monday, heading towards Huddersfield, when it was stopped by a large number of unmarked police cars, boxing the Audi in after following it.

Shortly after this a shot was fired and a man died.

A close-up inspection of the victim’s car shows the marks from what appears to be three bullets in the Audi’s windscreen and a side window that has been smashed. It appears that the police were shooting to kill.

Eyewitness, Rahul Tandon, from near by Halifax, explained how he was stopped by police on the exit slip road of junction 24 as the incident happened.

“As we pulled off the motorway we could see a lot of police vehicles, a lot of flashing lights, we were basically the first car that was stopped by police and we just waited and waited. Over the next 10 to 15 minutes there was frenetic activity as more and more police vehicles arrived. At about 18:15 to 18:20, policemen were running up the slope to an ambulance and beckoning them to come quickly.”

Tandon added that the police eventually told him and other drivers to leave the scene by reversing up the slip road and back on to the M62.

Shahnaz Malik, 54, who lives close to the scene of the shooting, said she had seen “a swarm” of police officers as she looked out from her back garden.

“It was surreal. It was like time had stood still, so many police buzzing around. It’s quite frightening. [Ainley Top] is a little village and we all sort of know who’s who. It’s absolutely horrendous. This is a major incident. Somebody has been shot and killed.”

Out of the Capital London, this is the fifth police shooting that has lead to a fatality in recent months. The majority of police shootings out side of London do not result in death.

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