New EU President says Europe more united than ever over Brexit

  • By Omar bin Jaffar Al-Pasha

Incoming EU President says EU has never been more unified in it’s history than it is over the Brexit stance

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” I spoke and visited basically all other 26 (EU) member states and there’s a … convergence on the attitude towards Brexit. I have never seen such a convergence within the European family“. Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat told reporters on the sidelines of a diplomatic conference in Slovenia.

When asked to comment on the resignation of Ivan Rogers, the British ambassador to the EU, whim unexpectedly stepped down this week Muscat said: “That’s a totally national issue for them …. We stick to the point that there should be no negotiation without notification.”
The EU has reiterated that it will not begin any negotiations until Britain formally invoked Article 50 of the EU treaty triggering withdrawal.


British Prime Minister Theresa May says she Still intends on triggering no Article 50 by the end of March 2017 despite heavy legal opposition from within UK politics.


Muscat also commented that the EU needs to secure its borders, stressing the importance of securing maritime boarders.


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“We are keen and want to put forward proposals on the securing of maritime borders … that is why we believe that a replication of any deal which is similar to the Turkish deal in the central Mediterranean is very important in the next few months before there is a larger crisis.”

Malta, which is closer to North Africa than the European mainland, is one of the frontline EU states in the recent influx of refugees and immigrants.


It is is believed that the EU is more focused on boarder security than it is on any trade with a small island member state such as the UK.


It is is expected that this emphasis on maritime security may indicate intended tightening of boarder security and restrictions between the UK and EU.

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